Jordi Romano
I made all of these
I made this one.
Did I mention I made this one?
I made this one?
Here's another one.
This one was created by me.
This one too.
Look at what I made.
This one.
Look at this one!
Look at this one.
I made this one.
I made this one.
I created this beauty.
Yeah I made that one. This one too.
This one moves too!
This one moves!
Look at that sliding transition!
This one is green.
I didn't make this one. jk I did.


Working as a contract worker at the Ramey Agency, I’ve been given the opportunity to create ads for clients such as C-Spire, Bankplus, Hestan Grills, and Entergy.

All of these are animated in the real world. Most here are static though so it doesn't overload the system and crash the mainframe.


Programs Used


I work with the creative team and decide where each element is placed for each banner resize. Once the layout has been decided, I begin animating the copy, images, and transitions.